So, uh, wow. Monument Valley.

From a technical point of view there’s nothing super-impressive with the assets in this game. They’re 3D models, low-poly, flat lit or unlit, and likely using vertex colors instead of/in combination with diffuse textures.

From an art perspective it blows me away. Especially if you can get a copy on the iOS app store and check it out for yourself, there’s a ton of spectacular detail work in the art around a clever puzzle game.

Most of the foliage in the game is static, low-poly, and flat shaded. But some pieces - the lotus in the water level, the bushes in the first photo - have subtle animations on them. Since the game is rendered in 3D, there’s a ton of subtle vertex animations on scene objects. The visual design is so strong that it doesn’t need more than subtle, and the animations really make the places come to imaginary life.

Monument Valley (2014)